No one was better at making presentations than Steve Jobs. Creating the now famous reality distortion field was his thing.

His presentations became so iconic that the press and Apple fans gave a name for them: Stevenote.

This website is a tribute to the most beloved and visionary CEO of all time. I tried to gather in one place every single keynote from Macworld, WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference), Special Events, Seybold and Apple Expo.

But I couldn’t  stop there. I decided to bring together every video that I could find that had Steve in it, such as interviews and demo videos from NeXT, and even some related content like Apple’s famous ads and documentaries about Apple and Steve.

I believe this could be the ultimate resource and archive on the web for Steve’s legacy.

What I plan to do with time is to transcript and comment each video with links to external sources (live blogging for example) and more content. You can take a look at the WWDC 2010 page to get the idea. This is a massive amount of work, so I’ll be sure to get help from the Apple fan community to achieve this goal.

I love to watch and re-watch every single keynote. If you think about it… by putting them in chronological order one can almost tell the entire history of Apple so far.

I will love to get some feedback and comments about ways to improve this project. And I will constantly update it with new content.

Hope everyone likes it.


Fabio Fiss


 Special thanks to Alfredo Lopez (@pxlhero) for improving the website’s logo

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