WWDC 2010

About the Conference

5,200 attendees
57 countries
Sold out in 8 days
Over 120 sessions
Over 120 hands on labs
Over 1,000 Apple engineers


iPad (It is magical)

“I was sitting in a cafe with my iPad and it got a girl interested in me. Now that’s what I call a magical device!”
– e-mail to Steve Jobs

2 million iPads sold in first 59 days (One every 3 seconds)
10 coutries (19 by the end of July)

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/mnHDLc3oJWQ” width=”500″]

8,500 native iPad apps
35 million native iPad apps downloads (17 apps per iPad)

Latest apps

Pulse, Gowalla, WebMD, eBay, education apps, anatomy, games, Iron Man, Avatar, Field Runners, Golf, DJ app, flight tracker, newspapers and magazines (Financial Times, Wired)

Highlight – Elements app

“I earned more on sales of The Elements for iPad in the first day than from the past 5 years of Google ads on periodectable.com
– Theo Gray, Wolfram Associates

iBooks on the iPad

5 million books – Downloaded in first 65 days – 2/half books per iPad
22% Share of total eBook sales
Some enhancements: Notes and Bookmarks, PDF viewing

App Store

Two platforms support

A fully open, uncontrolled platform forged by widely respected standards bodies

App Store
A curated platform with over 225,000 apps – the most vibrant app community on the planet

Process of approving Apps
15,000 Apps submitted per week (new apps and updates)
30 languages
95% Apps approved within 7 days

03 top reasons why we don’t approve apps:

  1. The app doesn’t function as advertised by the developer
  2. Use of private APIs
  3. The app crashes

Highlight – eBay

“We lauched the eBay application on the iPhone last year – 10 million downloads. It did $600 million of volume in its first year. Its going to do $1.5 billion to $2 billion this year.”
– eBay CEO John Donahoe

Highlight 03 new Apps 

Netflix on the iPhone – Reed Hastings – CEO (Demo)

Zynga – Farmville on the iPhone – Mark Pincus – CEO (Demo)

Activision – Guitar Hero on the iPhone – Karthik Bala – Senior Vice President (Demo)

5 billion downloads from the App Store
$1 billion dollars – Paid to developers


US Smartphone Market Share

US Smartphone Market Share

US Mobile Browser Usage

US Mobile Browser Usage

2007 – The iPhone re-invents the phone
2008 – The iPhone 3G and the App Store
2009 – The iPhone 3GS is twice as fast
2010 – The biggest leap since the original iPhone

iPhones - 2007 to 2010

Introducing iPhone 4

8 new features of the iPhone 4

1. All New Design

Steve: Stop me if you already seen this… Believe me, you ain’t seen it
(Reference to Gizmodo’s post about the iPhone lost in a bar)

9.3 mm thick – 24% thinner – Thinnest smartphone on the planet
Front facing camera
Micro SIM tray
Camera + LED flash
Antenna System

2. Retina display

3.5 inch
960 x 640 (4X more)
326 pixels per inch
800:1 contrast ratio (4X better)
IPS technology for superb color and wide viewing angle
Incredibly sharp text, images and video

3. A4 Chip

4. Gyroscope

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/ORcu-c-qnjg” width=”500″]

5. Better Camera System

5 megapixels
HD video recording – 720p at 30 fps
iMovie for iPhone – Demo by Randy Ubillos – $4.99 App Store

Steve asks everyone to turn-off 570 WiFi based stations

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/znxQOPFg2mo” width=”500″]

6. iPhone OS 4

Rename to iOS, 1500 new developer APIs, 100 new user features

The best one is Multitasking

“… software running in the background, that just sort of exhausts the battery quickly.”
– Larry Page, May 18th.

Demo of some of the features
Addition of Bing as a search option
Golden Master Candidate for developers

100 millionth iOS device will be sold this month!
(iPhones, iPod touches and iPads)

7. iBooks for iPhone

Purchase and download a book
Download the same book to all your devices for no extra charge
iBooks automatically syncs your place, bookmarks and notes
150 million accounts with credit cards
Over 16 billion downloads!

8. iAds

To help our developers earn money so they continue to create free and low-cost apps
Emotion + Interactivity
Highlight Nissan iAd
Start July 1st
$60 Million 2H of 2010

One More Thing… FaceTime

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/Q7S3wZHeePM” width=”500″]

FaceTime with Johny Ive
iPhone 4 to iPhone 4
Anywhere there is Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi only in 2010)
No set up required
Make FaceTime OPEN industry standard

FaceTime Video – When You’Re Smiling – Louis Armstrong

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/-lxOCeULkb4″ width=”500″]

Price and availability: 

iPhone 4 – Black and White
$199 – 16GB, $299 – 32GB, iPhone 3GS – 8GB for $99
June 24th (Shipping in 5 countries)
July – 18 more countries, August  +24 countries, September +40 more countries = 88 contries


Dock for iPhone 4 – $29
Bumpers in colors – $29

iOS 4 upgrades

iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod touch (not all features supported)
June 21st – Free

Video – Summarize of all the features

[youtube_sc url=”http://youtu.be/KEaLJpFxR9Q” width=”500″]

Steve talks about Technology + Liberal Arts
Steve thanks the teams and families

That’s all folks

Live Blogs

Ars Technica
gdgt Live
MacMagazine (in portuguese)


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