June 27, 2022

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No one was better at making presentations than Steve Jobs. Creating the now famous reality distortion field was his thing.

His presentations became so iconic that the press and Apple fans gave a name for them: Stevenote.

This website is a tribute to the most beloved and visionary CEO of all time. I tried to gather in one place every single keynote from Macworld, WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference), Special Events, Seybold and Apple Expo.

But I couldn’t stop there. I decided to bring together every video that I could find that had Steve in it, such as interviews and demo videos from NeXT, and even some related content like Apple’s famous ads and documentaries about Apple and Steve.

I believe this could be the ultimate resource and archive on the web for Steve’s legacy.

What I plan to do with time is to transcript and comment each video with links to external sources (live blogging for example) and more content. You can take a look at the WWDC 2010 page to get the idea. This is a massive amount of work, so I’ll be sure to get help from the Apple fan community to achieve this goal.

I love to watch and re-watch every single keynote. If you think about it… by putting them in chronological order one can almost tell the entire history of Apple so far.

I will love to get some feedback and comments about ways to improve this project. And I will constantly update it with new content.

Hope everyone likes it.


Fabio Fiss

Special thanks to Alfredo Lopez (@pxlhero) for improving the website’s logo

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* Pedro Brito
Parabéns Fábio!
Ótima ideia.

02 Dec 2011 07:12 pm (@phenriqueb)

* rosefuture
nice work, thanks a lot, wish you gotether all, and wish we should download all

03 Dec 2011 12:12 am (@Twitter)

* Yuri Goytacaz

Muito bem executado. Ficou lindão o site.

03 Dec 2011 04:12 am (@yurigoytacaz)

* David calvet
Amazing web site ! Going to spend hours looking at all the videos and remembering them.
Thanks, great work

03 Dec 2011 09:12 am (@Twitter)

* Daniel Oshiro
Parabéns Fábio Fiss,

Great job !!! Steve must be proud of you. This is an important tribute and memorial for the last genius that we saw live. I´m happy to be witness of his history.

Take a look on my simple tribute for Steve.

Bye and Congratulations again !!!!

06 Dec 2011 08:12 pm (@Twitter)

* Kent Salas
Fabio thank you.

Great idea and website. This makes it very easy to relive those special moments in tech/Apple history.

08 Dec 2011 12:12 am (@Twitter)

* Kim
Wow, really great Website!

But is there any possibility to download the videos?

09 Dec 2011 06:12 pm (@Twitter)

* Boris Zech
Fabio, what a nice site! Excellent content and a stylish presentation.

09 Dec 2011 09:12 pm (@Twitter)

* Thomas Nowicki
Fabio, thank you very much for your great job!!!

Best Wishes from Germany


10 Dec 2011 04:12 am (@Twitter)

* bernd scheurer
great job. thank you very much!

13 Dec 2011 07:12 pm (@besign)

* Marek
great website!
You might want to add


14 Dec 2011 09:12 am (@Twitter)

* Lennart
This great video was just published by the Lund University in Sweden. Steve visits Svaneholms Castle for a ceremony for the Apple University Consortium Europe.

I hope more people find “unknown” videos like this so you can publish them on this great site!!!


17 Dec 2011 10:12 am (@Twitter)
Reply * ironknee
this is a great video!

and the headmaster (?) skews Jobs so wicket-ly!

i wish i could see Steve’s reaction to the zingers


25 Dec 2011 12:12 am (@Twitter)

* Tribute to Steve Jobs, Stevenote.TV | Tech FanaTic Blog
[…] more about it here Share this:EmailPrint This entry was posted in Apple, News and tagged apple keynote, keynotes, […]

* Roger C. Rocha
You should make a option to view the videos in chronological order. This would give a great idea on how Apple worked out their corporate strategy comeback.

27 Jul 2012 04:07 am (@@rogercrocha)


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